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Swedish version

The Dickson relatives in Sweden met at the Castle of Tjolöholm a few miles south of Gothenburg on the 1st of June 1991. We were around 130 persons and after a short gathering outdoors, we had a magnificent lunch in a large coach house, that has been turned into a restaurant.

During the lunch we could listen to two very interesting speeches. Archibald Dickson (2:1:3:1:4) told us in a very picturersque and brilliant way about our family history. (You can read about that under history).

He had also been informed, that there was a man in Gothenburg, who had been asked by the town to make a town history based on official document such as likens to import likens to trade, tax income etc. From this work he had picked out what concerned our family. It was a very exciting story on how the two first brother’s, that came here from Scotland, financial status had gone up and down and we also learned a lot about Gothenburg, all told in a nice and easy to understandable way.

After the lunch we went up throw the castle park to the castle, where we got a guided tour. The castle has many interesting details. You can read about them at the castles own site at www.tjoloholm.se/

Claes & Thure Bonde
Foto: Christina Dickson

We discussed to form a family society and at Sundsvall 23 August 1996 the Dickson Family Society was founded

 Maud Dickson (2:3:3:2:3).



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